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Cut Off 11am for Same Day.

There are no joins in these stock sizes.

1.3m x 2m R 650 (250/sq m)

1.3m x 3m R 950 (243/sq m)

1.3m x 4m R 1,250 (240/sq m)

1.3m x 5m R 1,550 (238/sq m)

1.3m x 6m R 1,850(237/sq m)

1.6m x 3m R 1,100 (229/sq m)

1.6m x 4m R 1,400 (218/sq m)

1.6m x 5m R 1,680 (210/sq m)

1.6m x 6m R 1,920 (200/sq m)

2.6m x 3m R 1,150 (147/sq m)

2.6m x 4m R 1,450 (139/sq m)

2.6m x 5m R 1,750 (134/sq m)

2.6 x 6m R 2,050 (131/sq m)

2.6 x 7m R 2,350 (129/sq m)

2.6m x 8m R 2,650 (127/sq m)

2.6m x 9m R 2,950 (126/sq m)

2.6m x 10m R 3,250 (125/sq m)

The advertised prices are exclusive of artwork design or Layout.
Please supply Correctly Sized, CMYK, No Bleed, No Crop Mark, Print Ready Artwork with EFT or Online Purchase for Same day Service.

Stainless Steel, 12mm Eyelets R 12 Each

Seam Weld R 40/running meter.

Banner Details:
High Quality 510gm PVC Gloss/Matt, Digitaly Printed in Full Colour.

Banners are totaly weather proof, waterproof and durable.

All sizes up to 2.6m x length up to 50m are produced on a single section of PVC Banner and is without any joins.

All Banners are fitted with SS 12 mm eyelets spaced approx 1m apart arount the banner.

Should extra eyelets be required, these are available @ R 12 each Installed.

Artwork requirements are listed on the template, which can be downloaded from the ‘Template” box on the “Home page”.

If assistance is required with layout we offer this service at a flat rate of R 445 per file.

The Highest Quality STAINLESS STEEL ONLY Eyelets are utilised.

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1.3 x 2, 1.3×3, 1.3×4, 1.3 x 5, 1.3×6, 1.6×3, 1.6×4, 1.6 x 5, 1.6×6, 2.6 x 3, 2.6 x 4, 2.6 x 5, 2.6 x 6, 2.6 x 7, 2.6 x 8, 2.6 x 9, 2.6 x 10, SS Eyelets, Seem Weld/m