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Full Colour print  on CONTRAVISION for window and glass door mounting, from correctly sized and print ready artwork file

Contravision is a Digitaly Printable One Way Vision Material, used for Windows or doors and is mounted on the outer side of the glass.

Contravision Prices:

1-5 sq m –  R 450 Per Sq M

6-10 sq m – R 400 Per Sq M

11-19 sq m – R 350 Per Sq M

20 sq m – R 299 Per Sq M

Most orders are completed inside 24 Hrs.

We do not offer an Instalation Service, BUT  the pourous media allows for all air to be squeegied out with absolutely no chance of bubbles. This is the easiest vinyl product available for end user instalation.

Contravision is a one way vision material which has small holes, allowing visability in only one direction, through the media, which allows complete lack of visibility through to the other side of the window, with approx 85% full visibility to the one side and a 100% block off of through the Contravision to the opposite side.


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